Hi I’m Peter, a die hard NFL fan from Northern Ireland. With a great interest in rugby, football, swimming, rowing and tennis, it was only a matter of time before I became captivated by american football and the NFL. A newfound passion that has been an integral part of my Sunday evenings and often Monday and Tuesday mornings.

After a good 9 years of trying and failing to find a team to support I have been left with what is hopefully an unbiased view on all 32 teams. My aim in these blogs is to give those not from the US a better understanding of the game, and if I’m lucky those from the U.S. also! Whether you are new to the sport or are a budding Mike Mayock then there should be something to suit everyone and hopefully a few witty stories that you won’t find on other sites. My Northern Irish phrases may creep in every so often, but I guess that makes it unique. All comments are welcome 🙂


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